Queen St. W. at Portland St., Toronto, Ontario


The client’s goals were to retrofit the former Masonic Temple and famous Queen and Bathurst nightclub known as The Big Bop into an urban retail store to serve the base of new residential customers into the area. Crate and Barrel as a tenant was looking for a new home in the City of Toronto and believed the existing historic building to be the perfect location for showcasing their products.

Our challenge was to research the building and uncover the layers of its history as a Masonic Temple and prominent nightclub. Once the history was known, we needed to create a strategy for building’s rebirth.

Our solution was to meet with Heritage Toronto to discuss the merits of creating new façade components while retaining existing elements. By looking at the layers of history together, we were able to decide which components were significant for revival.

The key to the success of the project was our ability to work collaboratively with others to arrive at solutions and overcome challenges regarding the restoration and redesign of a significant historic building.


Client: R&B Properties Inc.

SMV (Design Architect)