2211 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, Ontario


Canadian Tire Real Estate’s goal was to construct an 8,500 SF automotive retail parts store in The Stockyards land district.

Our challenge was to comply with various standards set by The City of Toronto Main Streets Initiatives, all within a considerably long and narrow site. The entrance of the building needed to face the street, and significant urban form was required to be built at the street edge, along with strong pedestrian links from St. Clair Ave. W. Lastly, the loading area needed to be screened from view.

Our solution was to lay out the building on the east side of the site and provide parking on the west side. The storefront façade was pushed back from the face of the street to create a sheltered pedestrian link. A wrought iron railing and masonry pier garden wall were constructed along St. Clair Ave. W. in order to provide a friendly pedestrian edge. Truck loading was located at the rear of the building, and the building itself was used as a screen, to ensure that trucks and trailers are not visible from the road.

The key to this project’s success was our ability to fully understand the client’s needs, as well as our decision to orient the building in order to solve problems. The building was precisely positioned to screen the loading area, and the storefront was pushed back 5 ft to create a subtractive form that gives a strong visual appeal, and shelters pedestrians and customers.


Client: Canadian Tire Real Estate Ltd.