Vaughan, Ontario


Ivanhoe Cambridge’s goal was to construct an exterior addition of 2,200 SF to the existing H&M tenant space, and to provide exterior architectural appeal for the tenant from the south parking area.

Our challenge was to construct new retail space, complete with a mezzanine, while keeping the existing H&M tenant open for business.

Our solution was to divide the expansion and renovation work into phases and zones to ensure that all construction work would be performed while the tenant space was open for business. The phasing and zoning of the construction work ensured that existing retailers within the mall were not negatively impacted during construction. We worked very closely with municipal officials and other authorities to make sure that our plan could be implemented.

The key to the project’s success was the ability to fully understand and meet the client’s and tenant’s needs, while dealing with municipal issues, from pre-consultation meetings to SPA approval to building permit issuance. On budget, we delivered the project in just 8 months.


Client: Starbank Development Corp.