Lounge Q

Toronto AMF, Ontario

Terminal 1, Level 3, Toronto Pearson International Airport


This project involved the interior fit-up of an existing partially unfinished space on the Departures level of Terminal 1.  The programme for this 1885m2 U.S. bound passenger overflow waiting area project included seating for 480 persons as well as additional services such as a customer service desk, children's play area, WiFi, Televisions, FIDS and vending machines areas.


The client design criteria was that the lounge should appear like an outdoor cafe, be temporary and be completed within 2 months.  The design challenge was to re-define elements of a sidewalk cafe indoors where a fence with plants became an edge condition of illuminated planters and glass animated by programmable LED light changing colours below and low-maintenance artificial plants. This strategy provided a fun and lively edge to both the seating area within the lounge and to the terminal space outside the lounge.  To facilitate the temporary installation, the enclosure elements were designed as demountable millwork with free-standing planters.


Client: Greater Toronto Airport Authority